Fun with Architecture: Children’s Events

DigiWiz Robot Building Workshops

robotThe DigiWiz Robot Building Workshops incorporate a range of concepts within STEM Science,  Technology,  Engineering,  Mathematics) Education. Totally different from what is been taught in the current one size fits all education curriculum, the DigiWiz Robot Building workshops allow young people to explore such concepts as, Gears & Motors, Pulley Systems, Alternative Power & Green Energy, Magnetic Concepts, Engineering Concepts, Hydraulics and more. By following a step by step guide a young person can build their very own robot and learn in a style that is more suited to them. The DigiWiz Robot Building Projects are extremely proactive for those who prefer a Visual, Physical and Logical learning style. The projects also develop critical thinking,  problem solving and communication skills. 

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The DigiWiz Crawling Gecko Age 10+

DigiWiz Crawling Gecko Robot adopts a worm and gear transmission system, simulating the crawling method of a lizard. A remote-control box is used to control the advance and retreat of the lizard. 

There are two buttons on the control box, one for outputting forward current after pressed, the other for reverse current. They are used to control the motor’s forward and reverse rotation and thus control the advance and retreat of the lizard.

The DigiWiz Electric Tank Age 6-10 years

Want to learn about Kinetic Energy? Well this is the project for you. The DigiWiz Tank works when the motor is used to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy which is then transmitted through the gears and drive belts, so that the four wheels turn simultaneously to drive the tank forward.

The DigiWiz Fan Car Age 10 Years +

The DigiWiz Battery Powered Fan Car creates wind energy power, which does not consume fuel but creates high pressure air to drive the car forward.
This wind power car utilizes the reaction of airflow generated by the running impeller blades to drive itself forward.


DigiWiz Art Drawing Robot Age -6-10 Years Old

The DigiWiz Art Drawing Robot: When combining a battery box, a switch and a motor together, you end up with a spinning rocker, which makes the Robot vibrate with speed. The centre of gravity and the rocker device are purposely set off centre meaning the robot makes random patterns and designs through the attached coloring markers.



Listowel has some of Ireland’s best historic shopfronts, thanks to master craftsman Pat McAuliffe and others. Pat McAuliffe used plaster to decorative the outside of buildings in Listowel town.

These two videos explore how you can be a master of plaster.  Download the pdfs to see what materials you will need for the videos and to learn about what a master can do with plaster!

Children of all ages have the power to notice their environment, in a way that is often surprising.  To feed young imaginations and to start on a voyage of discovery and enjoyment, these are some events which should cater to all ages and interests.  Learn about palaces in North Kerry, technology, computer programming and architecture, Leonardo de Vinci and the wonderful Georgian arts and crafts project – suitable for children and their teachers!

Make Your Own Georgian House

The Floating Flagstone: Drawing from the past for the future

Did you know there was a palace in Lixnaw with orchards, canals, a bowling green and a deer park? You are invited to use your imagination to recreate this world and also think about the landscape architecture would would like to see in the future?

This project by Lisa Fingleton and Rena Blake is supported by Creative Ireland Kerry and Kerry County Council Arts Office.

Technology & Architecture by Makermeet

Architecture Kerry Breakout! (Age 8+) – Duration: 30-60 minutes

Games, architecture, puzzles, styles, questions, structures and mysteries! What could be better? Come and compete with other players to see who can breakout from the Architecture Kerry Digital Escape Room first.

Players will have to solve a number of puzzles online – ranging from an exploration of architectural sites in Kerry, puzzles, questions, games and even some hidden rooms! Test your wits and cleverness against others or form teams and work faster! Google will be allowed and clues will be given!

Link to LiveStream and game platform will be emailed prior to event.


Make an Edible Building! (Age 5+) – Duration: 30-60 minutes

Gather edible foods and join us online to build a structure that you can decorate and eat afterwards! Make small buildings, add on other structures – take a break and eat one! See how high you can make one – use different shapes and materials to see what works best or not at all! Towers, houses, mountains, bridges, roads, shops and farms – let your imagination go! Food supplies are all readily found in shops and easy to put together.

Link to LiveStream, directions, materials and basic instructions will be emailed prior to the event.

3D Modelling (Age 10+) – Duration: 60 minutes

Join us online to explore the world of 3D modelling. Create and save your own models – make buildings, shapes, letters and more! Examine height, width, depth and view your work as blocks or bricks! You can also view your creations in AR (Augmented Reality) but note a mobile device is required.

Link to LiveStream and computer requirements will be emailed prior to the event.

Paper Tower Challenge (Age 5+) – Duration: 45 minutes

Join us to build the tallest tower you can – out of paper! This project is an ideal challenge to begin learning about building, structure, weight, balance and durability. The only thing is… you can’t use any adhesives! Just paper! Oh, and did we mention it will have to hold a 100g weight? This very popular workshop always delights participants.

Link to LiveStream, directions, materials and basic instructions will be emailed prior to the event.

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