Fun with Architecture: Children’s Events

Listowel has some of Ireland’s best historic shopfronts, thanks to master craftsman Pat McAuliffe and others. Pat McAuliffe used plaster to decorative the outside of buildings in Listowel town. 

These two videos explore how you can be a master of plaster.  Download the pdfs to see what materials you will need for the videos and to learn about what a master can do with plaster!

Children of all ages have the power to notice their environment, in a way that is often surprising.  To feed young imaginations and to start on a voyage of discovery and enjoyment, these are some events which should cater to all ages and interests.  Learn about palaces in North Kerry, technology, computer programming and architecture, Leonardo de Vinci and the wonderful Georgian arts and crafts project – suitable for children and their teachers!

Make Your Own Georgian House

The Floating Flagstone: Drawing from the past for the future 

Did you know there was a palace in Lixnaw with orchards, canals, a bowling green and a deer park? You are invited to use your imagination to recreate this world and also think about the landscape architecture would would like to see in the future? 

This project by Lisa Fingleton and Rena Blake is supported by Creative Ireland Kerry and Kerry County Council Arts Office.


Technology & Architecture by MakerMeet

5 online live workshops

Paper Tower Challenge Duration: 20-30 minutes | Materials: sourced at home  | Ages 5+ T

This project is an ideal challenge to begin learning about building, structure, weight, balance and durability. Creating stable structures is a very important skill for all ages of engineers.

2) DaVinci Bridge Duration: 20-30 minutes | Materials: sourced at home | Ages 8+

This project uses theories developed by Leonard DaVinci more than 500 years ago! Participants will create a small version of DaVinci’s bridge design to support as much weight as possible.

3) Geodesic Dome Duration: 30-45 minutes | Materials: Contact MakerMeet Kit – €15/kit | Ages 8+

This project asks participants to construct a small model of a Geodesic Dome. A geodesic dome is shaped a bit like an igloo and very weak until you get the last few pieces in – then suddenly becomes very strong!

4) Catapult Duration: 20-30 minutes | Materials: Contact MakerMeet Kit – €15/kit | Ages 8+

Catapults were created in the early 4th century B.C. and used as siege engines to break down castle walls. Participants will build their own desk-sized working catapult from basic materials.

5) 3D Modelling Duration: 30-60 minutes | Materials: none required | Ages 10+

In this short introductory session to 3D modelling, students will be shown how to create a simple three dimensional model using height, width and depth.

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